[CLOSED] Looking For a Few Low Poly Weapons To Be Made

About Us

Hello, I’m currently in the midst of developing an upcoming simulator game and I need sword models to be made.

About The Job

Need 13 low poly sword models to be made.
You need to be adept in both texturing and modeling for this job.

I want to get at least 1 sword model done per day, if more that’ll be great.

Need UV unwrapped textures.


15K robux for all the sword models

Contact Us

You can contact me on the forum, but discord is preferred.
Discord: Gloomy#4401

Thanks for reading!

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Hello, sent you a DM in discord.

What LOD are you looking for in the texturing? Are you looking for full UV unwrapped models, or just flat texture painted ones?

UV unwrapped models, gotta make it clear. My bad.

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