(CLOSED) Looking for a homestore builder!

About the job

Hello, my name is Pix and I am looking for a builder who can build a nice, high–quality homestore. The homestore should be medium size. My budget is 450 :robux:. That is not a lot but prices are negotiable.


Like I said, my budget is 450 :robux: Prices are negotiable. For more information please contact me on Discord or on the Developer Forum.

Thanks for reading :grinning:

Hello, i’m interested, for the travel. Can you send me request friend in Discord, my name is Grnouille # 0604 . I send portofilo

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450 robux is quite low for a homestore bud.


Prices are negotiable, like I said in the post.

The name didn’t work. My Discord is Pixfui#9528

Heu, The name has incorecte…

Here you go, I must have typed it wrong. PixfuI#9528

I have send friend request. Yeah!

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