[Closed] Looking for a lot of beta testers!

I’m simply want to have a lot of beta tester to play my games when they will be released.

Pets Wolrds
A game where you need to explore differents worlds, collect money, open a lot of eggs and complete a lot of quests.
Inspired by “Bubble gum simulator”

Collecting Simulator
A game where you need to collect coins, expand your area, rebirth and buy a lot of upgrades.
Inspired by “Farm For Fun”

Job Info
Join my discord server: Discord
Play minimum 1 hours on theses two games when they will be released

A limited role on discord
A limited “Beta Tester” title in game.
A limited pet “Beta Tv” in Pets World and a limited cosmetic zone “Betarea” in Collecting Sim

Special Payment
You will be payed 50 robux for each friends you invited in my discord server and played on my games.
More you invite friends, more you will get robux.
Creating and inviting multiple accounts is not allowed. All roblox and discord accounts must to be created at minimum 6 month ago.

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