[Closed] Looking for a Low-Poly Builder

Hi, My friend, @samjay22 and I are working on a new game. We’re currently looking for a Low-Poly Builder who can build in a Modular Fashion. Not whole houses, but a Wall template that looks nice when build side by side, creating a full wall.

Game Idea:
A Roblox Sims Type-Of a game, with a sleek UI, Low-Poly Feel, and a Multiplayer addition.

We do not have funds at the moment. All funds will be split up between workers that the game generates.

How do we plan on getting funds from the game?:
We haven’t quite worked out the exact details but there will be a schedule that we release new content for the game for free and for a paid experience. Users can buy a “Season Pass” which will grant them all expansions to come for free. The expansions will be something like, More Jobs, More Pets, More Walls, Summer Expansion… and so on. Also there will be a VIP that will allow the user to enable “cheats” mode which will disable Achievements and more, along with some benefits in game.

If you’re interested or have questions, feel free to send me a Message on the DevForum or send me a Discord Message.

Discord: Nathaniel.#0001


i am interested and im a low poly builder and i saw this post i would love to help out you guys on your game

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Hi there, go ahead and DM me on Discord. :slight_smile: You’ll have to friend me first.

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my discord is thenightowl#0806 can you add me

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Sure thing.
30 characters.ssss

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