[CLOSED] Looking for a minor Scripter

Hey, it’s me, Raidrias. I’m in the process of starting a new project but we are in need of a minor scripter who can create these 2 small features.

A: We need a script we can insert into the tool that when the tool is equipped, the player is forced into shift lock, ie camera moves with mouse etc. When the tool is unequipped shift lock is disabled.

B: When the player enters combat, meaning takes damage or deals damage, combat music will play for a certain time. It will check if the player has been dealt damage or dealt damage to someone else again, if so the music keeps playing, and if not, the combat music stops.

Payment can be discussed in DMs, in robux.

You can contact me here on DevForum or on discord at Raid#7008

Edit: We’ve got our guy, thanks!

Can we get an idea of how much robux this will be?

Payment will be around 500 or so.

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