(CLOSED!) - Looking for a modeler for a quick task!


I am currently looking for a modeler (low-poly) to make two things.

1: https://prnt.sc/u08lfa
2: https://prnt.sc/u08lq5

- Contact -
Contact me on Discord at Aiko#2124 if you’re up for the task!
I will be paying in R$. The reward will be based on quality and effort put into it.

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I am interested! Contact me on Discord at RazorBladedino117#5440

Interested. I am a modeller with many years of experience. Logimite#1015

I am interested. Is this still open?

I am interesred in this job, can you just explain to me what 1st picture is?
Since I can’t figure it out, for me it looks like a street lamp?

My disc is Power#3420

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