[CLOSED] Looking for a modeller to model some katana's!

About us
Hey, we are an upcoming simulator called “Katana Kings”, we are looking for some katana’s in different rarities that people can upgrade to, read below to see more info!

The team
@YTFUZE123 - Creative Director/Owner
@ghost_panda1256 - Co Owner/Builder
@DevConXDevelopment - Programmer
@Icy7812 - Programmer
@jksupabuddies - Programmer
@ZombiePlugin - Programmer
@XAVBLOX_Official - GFX Artist/UI Designer
@SirY0shiQuan - 3D Modeller

About the job
We will be needing about 15 katana’s that have different colour’s and look different, players will be able to upgrade to these katana’s whenever they get enough cash. Please keep in mind that you may be asked to make more katana’s in the future!


I am willing to pay around 200 - 300 robux depending on the effort and time taken into the task, we are new and broke so that’s why payment is pretty low, I currently have 1,047 robux.

You can contact us via Discord: FuzeDev#5172

We look forward to working with you!


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