Closed! Looking for a music composer

About Us

Hi there! We are Mmad Developers, a small developing group that is striving to create extraordinary MMORPG games!

The Game

This game is called “Soul Stones” where the player is able to wield magical abilities and weapons. The main objective of the game is to complete the story, but in order to do so you must conquer islands, travel the seas, complete quests, fight vicious beasts, and so forth. I will include images on the game once contacted on Discord.

The Team
@MmadProgrammer - Director/Scripter
@iggycanarie - Scripter
@YOU - Music Composer

About The Job

We are looking for a music composer to join our team and compose music. To apply, you must be able to:

  1. Show evidence of past work
  2. Explain why we should choose you (list some qualities/characteristics about yourself)

Our game needs at least 5 new assets completed by the end of December.


We are paying by percentage, 20% of what is earned through this game.


You can contact us through Discord: Clasterboy#5825

Thanks for reading! :wink:

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Is there a backup payment if the game fails?

I’m not a composer, but I think that composing 11 songs in a month and a half seems to be a lot.

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I can compose music and would be glad to help.
If I am better than the other two people above, can I replace their percentage with mine and gain their 40%?

Got it, changed it to 5 assets

Your prepared to pay a composor 60%???

This is insanity!

You could ask almost any professional composer and they would agree that their work should not result in them getting payed more then the programmer who causes the gamete function, you shouldn’t even be paying a composer in percent (if you cant afford commissions make it like 5%).


Thx for the advice, it will change to 10% then

We have found a composer! Thx for everyone that applied!

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