[Closed] Looking For a Partnership/Team

About Me

Hey there! I’m looking for aspiring and experienced programmers alike. I’ve designed a game from the ground up in terms of gameplay, mechanics and progression, on paper. I’m not here to make the largest amount of money in the shortest amount of time. I plan on this game lasting for as long as there’s interest in creating new content for it. With that said I’m self funding and don’t have any plans on monetizing every mechanic in the game with multipliers, etc. I’m proficient in building in a low poly style in studio and also creating meshes when needed in blender as well as understanding game mechanics to keep ideas flowing in every part of the project.

If your also new to the development scene like I am don’t be afraid to reach out I’d be down to grow the Team/Game with you as we both acquire more and more skills.

It’s just going to get more team-worky from here so if this already sounds like something you’re interested in thanks for reading!

What I Have So Far

As I said previously the game at it’s core is complete and has more than enough open ends to grow. As well as the theoretical stuff I have a full game UI and in-game graphical assets commissions being worked on. Besides myself I currently have three friends of mine which two of them are helping me with building and other assets in blender. The other who’s a music major in university that’ll create as much music as the game needs for their composition portfolio. I’d much rather someone who is vocal about new ideas, has some creativity to bring to the table and wanting to see their ideas for a game come to fruition just as much as me rather than a commission programmer.

What I’m Looking For

If I could shorten this post it’d say that I’m looking for a technically skilled partner who’s like minded when it comes to game development and monetization and wants to grow a team while focusing on creating content. If you’re proficient in either frontend or backend and at least knowledgeable in the other that would be ideal, beggars can’t be choosers that it understood. I’m looking for people who have the same desire to create a game with longevity in mind and not wanting to push out as many attempts for front page as humanly possible.

I’d say communication is absolutely pivotal when working on a project like this so getting to know you through voice chats or messages would be very important.

Detailed Skills Wanted

These are the different systems/skills the game would need to be brought all together. Again, being proficient in all of these topics is not a necessity.

Experience or Knowledge In:
UI - expandable menus, etc…(gfx is finished so mostly implementation)
pets - inventory, trading, upgrades, cosmetics and storing
player upgrades
quest system
loot tables that aren’t eggs/crates
overhead player gui
custom player list
camera manipulation

Contact Info

Yes, I left out payment/percentages/ownership on purpose, and yes that will be discussed when you reach out :wink:. If that’s your main concern this is probably not the team for you.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nippletittyy
Discord: nippletitty#7626


Alright add me in discord lionfeli1238#3564

Or accept me lol.

Because of questions I’m getting. No you do not need to know everything on the list. There can be a upfront payment if you know most of the items on the list included in frontend and backend topics.

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