[CLOSED] Looking for a Professional Animator!


I’m Huxmes, founder of Superlab. I’m working on a sandbox farming simulator that’s slowly coming together. As I’m working alone, and not too well versed in animating, I’d like to hire someone capable of creating smooth and somewhat stylised/cartoonish animations.

I need the following:

  • Ploughing Animation
  • Watering Animation
  • Harvesting Animation
  • Building Animation

Assets will be provided for each animation. I’m unsure as to how much an animation would cost, but I have around about R$12,000 pending in group funds that we can negotiate with!

If you’re interested in some more details, you can look at some progress on the game on my Twitter.
Alternatively, you can join the Discord server and stay up-to-date.

If this tickles your fancy, give me a shout on Discord: Huxmes#0955

Cheers for your time!

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