[CLOSED] Looking for a professional builder to work on an Obby game

Hello, my name is EldestClient565. Me and my friend are working on a tower obby game style, but we need a professional builder for it.

Right now, there are only two people working on the team. Me (Scripter and Animator) and my friend SnailCow. (Idea maker and Builder.)

We are offering a 30% (May increase) percent of profit on all revenue made from the game.

If you would like to take this, you can DM me, EldestClient565#1359, or you can message me here on the DevForum. (Be ready to send a portfolio of your previous work.)

Preferably looking for fun people to work with and have a good time making this together.


I sent a friend request hope too talk further.

iā€™m interessed!!! i send a friend request in discord my discord is :Orinthian Playz#4556
i hope imma work for you

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