[CLOSED] Looking for a proffessional builder for a up-coming gameshow

Hey! :smiley:

My name is Saif! I am looking for a professional builder to come and join me in making a gameshow!
I own a talkshow called The S Show.

What is The S Show?

Well, The S Show is a talk show that is currently at 1,100+ members strong. I interview famous robloxians. But now…I think it is time to make a game show with it!

Below is how I want how the gameshow to look like:

^^^ Is how the stage should look like.

I will explain how the auditorium should look like and the lobby as well.


As a developer you will get many other perks other than payment.

  • You will be recognized by famous robloxians.

  • You will also get admin at my show.

  • You will be getting a special rank.

  • You will be popular around the community.


I will be doing weekly payment. Right now I am short of robux. But I make a quite decent amount from each show I host. I might pay from 500-2,000. But that is when the gameshow is up and running. I might be hosting shows at my set. So I will be able to pay you while you work.


Please contact me on discord, or here.

Discord username: ItsSaif_YT#8887


Have a lovely day! I hope to work with you! God bless. :slight_smile:

Please drop your questions below as I will be happy to answer them. :smiley:

sent a request on Discord, please accept when you have a chance. : )

I’m interested in the position. My discord tag is Laemmle#8800. Here is my portfolio.

I’m interested but,if I could become an moderator that would be great discord: ZicTacBack#8061

Im interested in this N22H#6021

I’m really Interested, Being a part of your S Show was Amazing and sitting in the Audience was very real so i thought might aswell give it a crack.

NOTE: Please know i have no social media including Discord, Please don’t be that person who turns someone offer down because of discord as it is totally not fair for those people trying to make a profit of building.

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