{CLOSED} Looking for a restaurant builder!

About Us

Hi there! I’ve owned this group called Avien for a while now, the group has progressly grown within the past several months, It’s a role play group so basically the main idea of the game is to work there and server customers.

What we are looking for…

I do have some specific custom things I want added in the following,
Make the whole thing in a island?
Three floors
VIP area
Clothing store
A race track that goes from land to underground
Pool area
Drive thru
Staff Area
but aside from that I would like the build to be a medium low poly build.


The payment will be though group funds, the payment will very depending on detail but I’ll put a range of 50k-75k.

If you have any portfolios of your work,
Contact me on Discord - SharkiDave#5639


I recomend getting multiple members to be a builder and split the payment in half between the two. Your call though. :grinning:

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Hello! I have built many Restaurants in the past, and I would love to help you out! I sent you a friend request on Discord.

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