[CLOSED] Looking for a Scripter | Superhero City



About The Job

Hello guys, I’m Ravogan.
Recently I’ve been uploading dev progress of a superhero training simulator remake I’ve been developing over the past 8 weeks.

The workflow has been amazing, and the game’s current state is ready for an early release, but unfortunately I’ve run into difficulties finding a scripter so I was introduced to the devforums.

The map, UI, soundtrack, and funding has all been supplied for the game, and I’m not looking to pay a one-time payment but rather a 50% share in game revenue.

The current free-modeled map stock-image ui Superpower Training Simulator sits at #6 in top earning where (some of you have told me this is an understatement) it is estimated to be making over 20K USD a month
And if we could knock it out, that’d be a blessing to us and all of roblox.

If anyone would please help me accomplish this project, I would greatly appreciate it.


Twitter (preferred contact method): @Ravogan_RBLX
Other contact methods:
Discord: Ravogan#0883
Devforum Messages (I check daily!)

Job Demands

(It’s basically a remake of Super Power Training Sim, but anyone interested additional details is welcome to message me.)

Thank You


Dm’ed you on Discord.