[CLOSED] Looking for a Scripter to script "super powers" for me

Looking for a Scripter to script powers for me

About The Job

I am looking for a programmer that can script for me about one to three different “super powers”, for example a simple fireball with UserInputService. You would have a total of 9 days to do it, as i need it before Thursday the 10th.

If possible i’d also want a way to purchase the powers in a shop ( All the shop coding could be done by me you can just make the powers) and when you buy them it’ll save in a DataStore.


I will be paying the amount i think is good for the job, with a starting bid of 1500 Robux.


You can contact me by discord on Faczki#0001 so we can talk about the job and maybe give you more information about it.

Thanks! :smile:

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