[Closed] Looking for a scripter

About Us

Hello there! my name is legendary_starite. i got a group called Starite studio, a small development group. I’m looking for some talented scripters who are cheap and can work for me x)

The Team
@L3G3NDARY_STARITE - Builder, Animator, Modeler
(Its just me :stuck_out_tongue: but trust me, its enough for now)

Here are some images of the progress.


About The Job

So i’m looking for a scripter who can do Cutsceans, npc chat (included in cutsceans), Filter enabled brick movements, a boss, save/load and some basic scripting (like making a checkpoint, scripting gamepass, badges, etc). About the boss, it will be just two huge mechanical arms being controlled by a guy.

Note - this project isn’t too big, its like a medium sized.


This is my first game ( i made showcases before ) but still i’m paying about 2k robux through group funds after the completion of whole game ( again the project is not very big ).

Contact Us

You can contact me on Discord - Cena#5420

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Is the game a camping game? If so, what is it called?

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Actully no, the game is about a student who is trapped in a school and finds a secret area inside his school while trying to escape. The game is like a Story, Puzzles and also includes a little bit of obby. About the name, i didn’t named it yet :stuck_out_tongue:.

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Definitely would add a high percentage (~60-70%) of profits onto of that if you want to get a good quality scripter

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Oh i see, well scripters charge alot :confused:. well i found someone, he’s not the best but will come in handy :stuck_out_tongue:.

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