(Closed!) Looking for a scripter/animator for a small project!

About Me

Heyo! I’m Kira (KxraDraws/tkirax) I’m an artist in the roblox community! I make some games for fun and I’ve got many projects that I’m working on over the summer!

About The Job

Currently, I’m working on a smaller showcase/vibe game called “Little Creek Graveyard.” Within the graveyard players will be allowed to just hangout, sit around and chill!
Basically, the scripting work i’d be needing is;
-custom sitting animations
-(I’ll be making the UI art!) small shop(marketplace?) w/ gamepasses (including a ghost pass that turns players transparencey to .5 & gives them a name tag in chat + other cool stuff!)
-Badges within the game


I’m currently looking to have this project finished by Saturday of this week (June 20th!) so I’m looking to pay around 5-10k for everything that needs to be done! I can discuss more on payment if needed!

P.S. After this project I am working on a couple more projects and will be looking for a scripter so if you’d like to continue to work with me just lmk!!

Contact Us

Either send me a message on the forums, twitter (@kxradrawsrblx) or discord (kira#2066)
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

ok, so you got a few problems with this. first animating isn’t script, second UI design isn’t scripting and 3rd you would have to pay money to even have badges

Apologies that I didn’t mention also animating but I’m sure I can do those on my own. Secondly I’d be doing the UI design, I just need the scripting parts! Thirdly, I’m 100% aware, I just want someone to script them! Thanks for your message i’ll update it on the animating front!

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