[CLOSED] Looking For A Shirt Designer (Simple Task)


Hello, My group and I are looking for a clothing designer. We don’t want anything extreme just a simple plain shirt with our game logo on front and back.

What We Want


Game Logo

We need Ten Copies of the same exact shirt but different colors (White, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Baby Blue, and Pink).


Payment will be done in robux. $200R Per Copy.


You can contact me here on the developer forums but I prefer discord @MaxLevv#8101

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I am interested in your task. My skills of making shirts aren’t great, but I can do shirts that simple. I’ll message you on discord when I have the time. My discord is coneylove133#2653

I think my discord did not work because there is no capital in the “Coney” part. Should be updated now!

your user for discord is in correct

Wait, a real-life shirt or Roblox shirt?

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