[CLOSED] Looking for an advanced scripter

Hiring a scripter

About Us and The Job

Hello! I’m a roblox developer that owns two popular games with 38M+ and 5M+ visits. I have two scripters and one modeler (two including me) and few other developers who participated in the development.
The issue is, due to exams, the pandemic and other events that are happening both of my scripters are now pretty inactive, one of them were already inactive and warned me about it a few months ago, but with my main scripter everything was still running fine.
However, my main scripter started a solo project in October for fun behind my games and after making the game, it became very successful which was wonderful and unexpected, but the only problem is his inactivity, since he has to care for his game he is not always here for mine.
I’m still learning Lua which means I’m not able to create advanced scripts I can only make basic scripts or edits/fixes for now which is really stressful I’m not gonna lie…
They should be able to be more active in few weeks but at the moment I really need to keep up the work.

I’m looking for an advanced scripter who is willing to join our team and work with us.


Here are the two games that I own:


Payment depends of your activity and your work but the pays usually go between 20k and 30k.
We use our fangroup Site-61 for payment (group funds).

Contact Us

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord: Silou#0001 and show me examples of your work ! :smile:


You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading ! :slight_smile:


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