[Closed] Looking for an GFX artist!

Looking for an GFX artist for SCPF logos !

About Us

Hello there !

I am Avia_Luca, I already builded up a few groups with decent success, now I want to start my own SCPF group. And so thats why I am in need of an GFX artist. The SCPF I am building up is oriented on SCPF’s such as ogodyes and Administrator Mr’s.

About The Job

I am looking for an GFX artist, your job will be pretty simple ! I only need a few group icons.
You will get a fair pay. If I like your work I maybe even have more jobs for you !


I am paying per job, preferably in USD.


If you are interrested or have any questions please contact me here on the developer forum or preferably over discord.
Roblox: Avia_Luca
Discord: Luca_Nvkln#0001

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: and feel free to contact me !

I sent you a friend request,BK

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