[Closed] Looking for Animators ,Builders and Modellers [Long term]

Developers Needed!

Game: RPG Combat (Just a placeholder name for now).

Basically, this game is based on PVP. You level up and unlock armors and swords , and upgrade them to unlock their special and buff damage.

Builders and Modellers and Animators Needed.

Modeller Requirements: Must know how to make armors and swords.
Builder Requirements: Must be able to make maps.
Animator Requirements: Must know how to do combat animations (sword slash ,punch etc).

You will be working alongside the Head Animator and the Head Builder/Modeller.

We are making this game for fun. We are not thinking of making any money or anything. Although we will add some passes and stuff. Payment is % and maybe some group funds in middle. Mainly %.


Our discord: Fantasy Warriors [In Dev]](https://)
Our sneaks: https://gyazo.com/59f424b1d1cd6b599f35e8889fb8bc29, https://gyazo.com/a89d46825fb99a291443beb89b3c1987

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