(CLOSED) looking for any experience builder/scripter

About Us

we are bighorn studios, a small dev studio that was created in october 2020. we recently took a break but are coming back now to work on more projects. we currently have a solid team of directors and advisors that help with game creation and studio management, and are looking to add to the team with two more developers (to make it four total).

The Team
@uhnruly - builder/scripter
@david54366 - builder/ui
@SuperNOVA_108 - builder/scripter
@ArkisHype - builder
our group

About The Job

we are looking for two team members: one builder and either a builder or scripter. we are not requiring any references or proof of prior experience, so people with any amount of experience can apply. however, we will ask to see either a previously-created portfolio or a trial creation (builders: creation of a small asset, scripters: creation of a basic script OR a diagnostic trial of a known faulty script). applicants should be active, good at communication, and fast learners.

this job is perfect for developers who are just starting out and want to learn more about developing, though we are very welcome to more experienced applicants as well.

we are still determining the theme and plot of our upcoming project. once that is determined, we will update this post.


we will be paying 20% of all group revenue per developer. as we are a small dev studio we can’t promise any large down payments but we will work tirelessly to ensure revenue payouts.

Contact Us

you must be over 13+ to apply for this position. please contact me on discord if you wish to learn more or to apply: evan!#1941.


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