[CLOSED] Looking for Application Center Maker!

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About Us

Hi There! Sponge Hotels is looking for people to make us an Application Center! (As I was not to good at making them). We are an active community with 230+ members.

The Team
@GamerOfYouTube5579 - Builder

About The Job

We are in need of an awesome application center maker who thinks there up for the job. This is a 1-time job. The Application center will need to be-able to Auto-Rank them if they pass the application. So you will need to be experienced in GUI and Scripting.

We will need the application center ASAP.


We are willing to pay 600-2,000 Robux depending on what your offering and the detail.

Contact Us

Contact me through DevForum, @FlighterDeveloper
Or on Discord BenJ#1300

Thanks for reading, were excited to work with you! :slight_smile:

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Interested, MrDurpy#1250 (30 chars)

Iā€™m interested and already have a similar system that I made.

I would recommend using one that is made by @HmmBilly
His are very cheap!

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