[Closed] Looking for builders and modeler

About Us

Hello! My development team is looking for dedicated builders (1 Position open) to join the team. We’re also looking for a modeler that is able to model cars (Open).

About The Job

We are looking for builders at any skill level that are able to work on the game daily. They also need to be able to build at least in semi-realistic style. We’re also looking for a modeler that is able to model cars (style doesn’t really matter here)

Example of our game's building style

Although there’s currently no deadline, We would like to release the game before the end of 2021
You also need to be able to report daily progress reports. Not reporting any progress for 3+ days straight will get you fired. (Unless given a proper excuse).


Builder’s payment: 10% each + 300 :robux_light: overall backup
Payment for modeler: Per asset

(Builder) Your payout is dependent on the amount work that will be done by you

Contact Us

You must be 13 years or older to apply and have portfolio/screenshots of past work.
You can contact me on Discord: Arustik#7647
Any and all applications sent through DevForum will be rejected
Disclaimer: There were some people before that applied purely for free robux and/or for their status. If there won’t be any work being done, you WILL get fired.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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