(CLOSED) Looking for builders, scripters, UI artists, animators, and music composers for a new game!



Hey there! I am going to make a simulator game on Roblox, but with a twist. It’s an adventure game! The game will have the aspects of a simulator game, but with a story and even boss battles! The plot of the story is that a villain wants to take over the simulatior universe. It’s up to the player to restore order to the simulator universe before the villain fully controls the universe!

Chrisofdoom- Project Manager, builder, animator
???- Main Builder
???- Scripter
???- UI artist
???- Co-Animator
???- Music composer

Builder- You will build the map, buildings, and items. They must be low-poly.
Scripter- This is the most important one! You will code tools, emotes, pets, UI, boss battles, and others.
UI artists- For your position, you will make the icons, menus, dialogue boxes, and other UI for the game.
Animator- You will make emotes, pet animations, bosses and other animations for the game.
Music Composer- Your job is to make music for the game. You will compose music for various worlds, boss battles, and even jingles. I am also considering a theme song, so you may need to make the background music for the song.

This project will be fun to work on!

You must be able to work at least 30 hours a week.

I can only pay in Robux. Payment can be negotiated. Talk it out with me and I’ll think about it.

You can DM me on Discord, just enter my tag, which is chrisofdoom Discord#0474. You can also DM me here on the DevFourms. You must present your past work. Good luck!


May want to fix the post, Or not unless this is suppose to be like that. Programmers get 60% plus another 20% but builders only get 20% for 30 hours a week?


I’ve sent you a DM.


How can Scripters are UI Designers get 60% each?


I have sent you a DM message.


Everyone, I have changed the payment for the game project. You can now discuss with me about the Robux you want to get from the project!


I’m just going to throw out what I find a bit wrong with this thread. I recommend thinking of a way the thread to answer these questions(not trying to bash).

What is the game about?

With this information, any potential members will know if they are up to the task or not and it might peak their interest to whether they really want to join or not.

Why work for you?

To add-on: What is your role exactly? What are you contributing to the team?

Based on the information provided you seem to give yourself the image that you’re just forming a dev-team to work for you and you, yourself won’t do any work other than small guidance and suggestions for how the game will go(not to bash, but I don’t want to work for someone who doesn’t put in enough work as any other hard-working member of the team). You can’t expect to hire people and not do any work yourself.

What are the exact payments?

Your payment is very vague and you don’t list how much you have to give a rough estimate of what might be negotiable. I also don’t see percentages anywhere. These will also greatly as pay is one of the biggest factors for motivating potential members.

Again. not to bash, but I just want to give you some pointers that’ll help you.


Thanks for your response. I have changed the payment because of technical difficulties. I’ll make changes as soon as I can!


You’re not going to find anyone if you’re only paying profits. Games flop more than they succeed. You’re basically saying if the game doesn’t do well, tough luck to the people who put their time into it–they’re not getting paid.


You’re right. If I pay a percentage of the Robux, how will the game succeed? How will the developers get paid? I might have to suspend the payment untill I figure it out. Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it.


Hello everyone. I want to thank you all for your feedback. I want to say that your feedback will improve the plan for the project. I want to hear from you about your ideas and methods. I will work with you to figure out an effective plan. Thanks!


If the game fails, the developers who made the game don’t earn anything. This is what he means. Not that the game will fail if you pay a percentage.


U pay the devs robux or money real and then they make the game and then u get money, thats how a lot of people do it (like movie studios). You can’t expect people to get on board onto a big project that you are managing and get paid after, especially if you have no prior successes. :yum:


You’re right.


Hey everyone, I have decided to close this project down. I’m not ready for the project world just yet. I’ll just stick with helping others. After all, I wasn’t ready at all. Thanks for your feedback and your constructive criticism. Thanks for reading, your consideration, and I’ll see you in a reply. :wave:

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