[CLOSED] Looking for Building Exterior Builder [$1,000 USD]

We’re currently looking for someone who would be able to fill an already existing map with buildings/plazas/malls with the occasional interior work such as shops or dealerships. More details will be discussed upon interest.


  • As listed, the payment is a one time payment of $1,000 when the task is completed.


  • Basic knowledge of image editing software (just for idea presentations)
  • Building style is focused on a modern tropical residence along with a modern city approach, buildings would need to have a good balance of realism/efficiency.
  • Can be done in either 3D Modeling applications or in studio.
  • If interested please send some of your previous works pertaining to the position
  • MUST deliver frequent updates and be communicating often
  • We’re a bit lenient on time, but would prefer the task to be done within a month from your starting date.


You can contact me on Discord @ Orlando777 #8542


I literally have a friend that can EXACTLY fit your requirements, as he built a whole mall complete with a plaza, other buildings like a typical store and food shop, and even a car dealership, with a modern theme on a tropical island.

Also, he literally draws his ideas to present to us for updates and what not.

He isn’t on the devforums, however his Discord is Joeb ~KeysOfFate~#7851

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If you can have him message me that would be great! Thanks.

He’s currently offline, so just send him a request on Discord and he’ll most certainly see it.

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