[CLOSED] Looking for developers PAID

About Us

Welcome to Noxia, we are a studio in the making and as of right now we are looking for potential developers of all kinds. We wish to have a team of around 5-8 people.
The kind of games we will be developing will vary however, for our first I intend on developing something anime based. a more in-depth explanation will be given further into the application process.


As of right now, we have secured some funds of up to 70k which we are willing to use as payment and we can also pay USD depending on whatever your preferred method and what’s negotiated. I am also willing to hand out percentages as payment with a back-up payment if the game flops.


replies within this forum won’t be accepted, please send your application via the discord.

Contact Us

this option has been removed due to applications being closed.


I am an intermediate programer. I’m thinking about signing up. May I please know a little about what I’ll have to make if I sign up?

I’m an R6 animator, do you need one of those?

You’d be basically doing all the things that would come with creating a game that are programming orientated. Combat systems, inventory systems, data saving, back-end and front end not forgetting UI work. Hopefully our team will have a variety of people which are multi-skilled so you the work load will be spread even.

Unfortunately, we won’t be using r6

I can program and do UI. But I’m not very good at building.

I’ll think about it and I might do the application tomorrow.

It’s against DevForum ToS to post Discord links.

Thank you for making me aware. i’ll change the formatting asap. this was approved by a moderator before posting so im no entirely sure how they let that slip.

all good with us, submit it via my discord / server :))

I’ve known Barl for a long time, he is a very kind individual and he takes what he makes seriously. He sticks to his word and he is also a great friend, great to work with. I’d recommend working for this team!

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