[CLOSED] Looking for experienced Game Manager for an FPS project

Checkpoint Studios Game Manager Position

About Us

Hi there! We are Checkpoint Studios, a team of developers creating our visions here on Roblox. We are looking to eventually become a legal company.

The Team
@Muzzle_Blast - Founder, Project Leader, Systems Programmer
@EventFunction - Cofounder, Gameplay Programmer, Creative Writer, Composer
@Dakolic - Cofounder, 3D Artist, Level Designer
@MrKamiz - 3D Artist (General)
@lilxbuu - 3D Artist (Character), Animator

We are in the interview process of signing on another 3D modeler to work on the guns.

Currently, we are operating under secure project disclosure policies. :zipper_mouth_face: However, I can say that the game genre will be FPS. We would be happy to discuss it more with individuals interested in the position.

About The Job

We are looking for a Manager to help coordinate our game development. Currently, I believe I have pinpointed an issue of poor communication that may be prevent quicker progress. We would like someone to help us “bridge our gaps” and bring on a sense of organization and team building.

What you should bring to the table:

  • Exceptional communication skills and maturity
  • Honesty
  • The ability to stay calm, even when under pressure or in frustrating situations
  • Experience with management, leading, team organization, and progress tracking
  • Reasonable amount of time to dedicate to the project weekly
  • Genuine interest in the project


  • Experience with tools and software that aid progress tracking, planning, and organization

What you would be in charge of:

  • Initially interviewing and recruiting new team members when and if necessary
  • Unifying and synchronizing team operations and briefing team members on goals and expectations of outcome
  • Tracking team efficiency and progress and designing new policies and practices that improve our development
  • Assisting the developers with game design and analyzing testing outcomes to ensure the best gameplay choices are implemented

We currently develop as a hobby, and we don’t expect anyone to work around the clock. However, it would definitely be a plus if you are generally available for conversation at most times of the day.


Everybody likes to get paid. :money_mouth_face: Payment is negotiable, and we will potentially have different payment options. Contact us below for more details.

Contact Us

You must be 13 years or older to apply. You will be required to sign a legal contract down the line, if not right away. if you are under the legal age, you must have permission from a parent or guardian.

:speech_balloon: Discord: Muzzle_Blast#5189
:left_speech_bubble: DevForum or Roblox Website: CollectorSensei (formerly Muzzle_Blast)
:email: Email: checkpointstudiosonline@gmail.com

Thank you for considering working with us! :boom: :vulcan_salute: :wave:

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