[CLOSED] Looking for GFX artists, for a ROBLOX restaurant based group!

Hello, fellow developers! My name Chei and I am currently looking into hiring GFX artists at the moment. So, please, if you are interested feel free to comment down below or add me onto my discord!

Here are the concepts and ideas I have provided that I am looking into, specifically a group icon.

  • A re-vamp of our current logo! (As in Text-wise for the GFX)

  • Colour palette between these colors:

    Though, any colours between the colour palette chosen is acceptable.

  • For a Modern, yet traditional flair as a heavy theme in the group icon. If you would any like examples of what we want to achieve as a GFX model, please message us. Do not do this on your own without consent.
    Price Discussion

Price points for this group icon will be reasonable & discussed depending on how well it’s done, whether it lives to our expectations and how much effort is put into it.

Though, to set an example price range would be 250+.

If we really enjoy the art made, we will ask if more GFX can be made. This is if allowed by the designer creating these GFX’s.
Need to know

  • We have a model provided for the GFX if any changes might be made. We will let you know, however, we have set our mind on this model.

  • Please work with us along the way, this will help get the work done ASAP!

  • If you are looking into needing more examples on what I mean by β€˜Traditional’ and β€˜Modern’ flair, feel free to friend me on discord! Or reply to the comments down below.
    :link: Kimchu Co. - Roblox
    This is only a limited-time open! So please comment below or message me!

Thank you all, have a wonderful day!

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