[CLOSED] Looking for Gun Developer

Currently working on an SCP group. I am looking for someone who can animate and script R15 guns. I’m also just looking to buy guns if people have spares.

Job Description
You will create animations and script guns. The gun models have already been made and you will be provided with them. The guns must also include a GUI, with the amount of ammo in the gun, their reserve ammo in the gun, etc. I can supply the GUI if needed. Guns will be in first person as well.

Payment will be in robux, I will pay 5000 robux from group funds.

Contact me here

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How many guns do you want scripted? If its somewhat less than 4 then I will be interested. Heres a gun I recently made https://www.roblox.com/games/5015520813/PA-Gun-Free-System I can make more than 4 guns if they arent that complicated. DM me xpertsm#8655, I sent you a friend request

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