[CLOSED] Looking for High Ranks. || Frosted Bakery

About Us

Hey there, we are Frosted Bakery a newly founded Bakery who are aiming for the top, right now we have about 15 members as we’ve only just started but our development is going well with the Training Center almost complete and the Interview Center being complete. Our Main Bakery is still waiting to get started as we’re looking for a suitable builder. We plan to run about 30-40k on Ads upon release.

The Team
@pulsifled - President
@TommyHArden - Head Developer/Chief Development Officer
@Dev_Pie - Builder
@OptimalPhillip - Chief Moderation Officer
@HIRED - Chief Staff Officer
@HIRED - Chief Relations Officer
@HIRED - Chief Operating Officer

About The Job

We are currently looking for a Chief Staff Officer who will be in charge of Middle Rank promotions aswell as applications, they will also being in-charge of Staff Guidelines (both MR, LR and HR) .

We are also looking for a Chief Operations Officer who will manage our events such as, gamenights, member celebrations and possible award ceremonies.

We are lastly looking for a Chief Relations Officer who will manage our alliances with other groups and co-ordinate with the Chief Operations Officer when an allied gamenight is proposed/wanted.


As these roles aren’t like being a Developer you won’t recieve payment, but once we’ve launched and hopefully gained enough funds you will be given bonus’ every once in a while.

Contact Us

You can contact us on discord or via the DevForum.
You must be atleast 13+ to apply for either of these roles and must have experience in one of them.

Thanks for reading!


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