[CLOSED] Looking for Low Poly Obby Builder!

Kitchen Obby

About The Job

Hey, I am looking for someone to build me a Kitchen Obstacle Course. I do not have any specific requirements other than needing around 20-30 obstacles within the course. I’m hoping to find a builder with a fun, creative mindset. Any ideas that you have for an obstacle such as (moving, spinning, floating, etc etc) I will script it if you communicate your idea with me.

Example of an already made kitchen obby



I will be paying with GROUP FUNDS, you can send me your prices.


Discord: Strafing#3841
Twitter: @MrStrafing
Roblox: Strafing

If you send me a discord request and it’s taking me a while to respond, reply to this post telling me that you sent me a friend request.

Be prepared to send me examples of your building style.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Added you on discord TendoDev#2999

I added you via Discord!

My Discord username is: Fabi#6839

Added you on discord @sepro1144#6964

I’ve sent a request! Develop_ers#3768

Messaged you through the Devforums.

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