[Closed] Looking for paid scripting jobs

I feel like putting hours into making games by myself isn’t leading me anywhere, and that I have a better shot making a living off of Roblox by helping other people with projects rather than making my own. If you have scripts that you need made then just reply here and i’ll get in contact with you.

Price will vary depending on the script length and difficulty, and I’d be willing to negotiate the price at least a little bit if you don’t have enough Robux.

I’ve made a few games in the past, however most of my current scripting work is in unfinished (and unreleased) projects.
You can check out some of my games/public projects on my profile, https://www.roblox.com/users/879853/profile.

If you are interested or have any questions, PM me or respond on this thread. Thanks!

You can have a look at the Collaboration category (#development-discussion:collaboration) to see if anyone is offering work that you are interested in. I’d also advise you to move your thread to that category so the right people are seeing your thread. (You can move the thread by hitting the pencil icon next to the title / your first post here)

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I’m hiring scripters if you’re interested.
Look here if you want more details:

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