[CLOSED] Looking for Pet System Maker

About Us
Hi there! We are looking for a Pet System Maker. We already made the pets but we are having issues with the data storage so we are hiring someone who can make us a Pet System.

@ClearlyJason - UI Designer & Scripter
@Kenrick123yeo - Builder

15-30% Of Revenue ( We are pretty sure we will earn around 75k to 100k Robux in the First 2 - 3 week.

Contact Us
Contact me on the dev forum or on discord nithin#0242

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Can we have more information on the Pet System? Like does it need player following, egg hatch system, shop for eggs, abilities/bonuses, etc?

How are you this sure that the game will earn that much in a week?

Do you just want it to give you a random pet or with raritys?

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Yep, We need Egg Hatching System & Pet UI where they can equip. Exactly like Ninja legends. We can provide you with the UI.

I have some connections with Youtuber’s who are interested to make videos on our game. We have alot of update ideas and it sure going to be a success. :smiley:

We already made the pets but our Co-Developer is getting trouble doing it. So we wanted to hire someone who can make a Egg Hatching System and they should have rarities like 1 in 1000 , 1 in 50000 and so on…


i can make one without raritys i mean it will give you a random pet but with boosts and datastore

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Can you add me on discord? So we can talk about it I don’t understand what you mean a little. nithin#0242

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yea sure! (30 characterssssss)

i cant find you on discord (30 characters)

Join our discord server AEKYqe and we will talk there as your not able to find my discord.

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add me on discord Polaris#8465

Join the discord server. Discord and dm me.

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