(CLOSED) Looking for Scripter | Paradise Smoothies

About The Job

Paradise Smoothies is looking for a scripter to script our shop UI. Our UI is pretty simple and already has some scripts inserted into it. We require not too many functions, the basic layout of the functions are:

  1. Very little tweening.
  2. Page to page selection.
  3. Prompt to purchase
  4. Description and price appearance.

Our functions are pretty much the same as https://www.roblox.com/games/3487742603/Work-at-a-Restaurant-Chicken-Shack-V1


We are paying 500 :robux_light: for this UI, we will be paying through shirt and will cover the fee.

Contact Us

You may contact me here on the forum or the following:
Discord: Jacobthedragon#8256
Twitter: @Jacobthedragon4
Discord is most preferred

Thank you for reading! :slight_smile:


Yo, i would like to take this job

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Can you DM me on discord?

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i sent a friend request. im typing this to make this 30 characters

If you are a dev I would not consider working for this person or this group - I made a perfectly good UI system as instructed for pay, and then I didn’t get 75% of my agreed upon pay. I was keeping in contact with this person on Discord and was never paid for my work… and then they unfriended me in an attempt to cut off contact.

I would understand if they wanted me to refine the work, but cutting off contact without explanation or information is highly inappropriate and is not the conduct a dev wants from their commissioner.

Now they are re-posting their request AGAIN…