[Closed] Looking for scripting/dev services on a MMORPG

Seeking proficiently skilled programming services for a project titled "Creation Song"

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I’m currently working on a game project that requires maximized optimization on lag while trying to maintain a quality experience.

I’m in need of a programmer who’s experienced in any of the following fields:

  • Datastore integrations
    leveling systems, etc.
  • Combat systems & effects
    magic/special attacks, explosions, transformations, vfx etc.

I am enlisting freelancers as well as seeking any interested committed developers.

Payment is negotiable, but depending on what you can offer, we are willing to pay up to $200.00 USD via PayPal for your services.

Please contact me @ janboe#3815 on Discord for more information or specific inquiry offers.


Is this offer still open? If so, I can help you with the data store integrations and such. Not really familiar with combat systems and effects tho.

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id love to do this,more for my upcoming portfolio!

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