[CLOSED] Looking For Some Builders

Hello, I’m currently making a game and I need some builders to help
with the process of making the game. The game is a rpg type game where
you go around level ingup,doing quest,fighting npcs,etc.

We need people because we don’t have many people on the team, and I
want to speed up game development. The game is already in it’s closed beta state
So things such as a combat system,inventory,weapons, and unique features are already implemented into the game

Right now we are looking for free builders but once we start advertising the game then we’ll start paying you.

You will be creating islands as a team. Some islands will be different than others.

At least age of 13+

If there are any questions leave them below and I’ll answer them

Also I will not be hiring anyone through the devfourm messaging.

Contact me on discord. Power[Salem Barion]#6092

Looking for any builder possible

Regards, powerdud


Im very beginner and wouldn’t mind helping out but im not that good

Without payment, it will be hard to find a good builder.


hey im interested jailbreak#7767 and try to pay some

Contact me on discord and we can negotiate. Power[Salem Barion]#6092

My discord: Gamingidu#0409


No payment? waste-- include it in the title please

Yet it stating the fact the main essentials of the game are complete, your point is quite understandable at a glance, yes, yes he should’ve put the information in the title, but ofc at least he didnt offer a % lol

Hi, I’m interested. I’ve sent you a request on discord. Clumsily#8458

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