[CLOSED] Looking for some volunteer Korean translator and Japanese translator

About us

Hey there! I’m nvoax, I had just released my obby game a week ago. I have decided to look for some translators to enhance the gameplay and to make the game easy to understand for everyone!

About the Job

As mentioned above, I am looking for a volunteer Korean and a Japanese translator.

  • No experiences needed.
  • Would be nice to be a native speaker. (not mandatory)
  • Has a decent knowledge about how obby game works.
  • Be responsible for your translations.


You will be given the Developer role in the group and some in-game perks. Please be noted that there may be more perks in the future so keep an eye out!
I may also consider to pay in the future if the game makes profits.


Please reach out to me on Discord at aidann#0001 .

Thank you for reading! ^^

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