[CLOSED] Looking for someone skilled at importing 3D models using Blender

Job Description:
Hello, I am looking for someone to import a 3D model to roblox for me, the 3D model is a ship, I have a link to the ship and I recieved permission from the model maker to use the ship, but I simply am not capable of importing the ship myself, due to low end PC, and lack of skills with blender. I need someone who is skilled with blender, and can import the entire model without losing any of it’s detail or lowering the triangle count.

Prefferably no pay required would be optimal, but if I must pay you, I will preffer to do it in robux, however I have no current amount that I wish to pay someone for the job, so that will have to be negotiated later.

The best way of contacting me is on discord, my Discord is nintendo1419#4136

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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