-->>>(CLOSED!)<<<-- Looking for testers for up-coming game!

Hello there,
I currently looking for some tester to figure out some bugs and test the game so game can be realeased to public, Game is still in devolpment as I’m working with @MIKIyoutubeCZ that is building, And I’m scripting and doing UI Design and GFX Design,

Perks you will get as tester:

  • Special nametag in-game
  • You will be able to chat with me whenever you want
  • Special Discord role

:warning: These perks you will get when the game is realesed to public
If you’re interested in being tester, Please contact me on my discord: EsplishData#7167


I can do testing! I do not have discord however.

You can’t be tester without discord

I can be a game tester! Contacting you on Discord!

I’m interested! I have sent you a friend request on discord ᴬᴿᴮᵞᵀᴱ#3101

I am interested! I sent a friend request, Discord - Jakee#2344

Hello! I am interested.

Discord username: zander;;#2567

We have enough testers, The application is CLOSED!

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