[CLOSED] Looking for UI designer [15%]

Hello to whoever may be reading this! I’m Kimathi and I’m currently a Solo Developer, and I’m working on a project. An obby adventure game called: The Noobs’ Revenge.

In the game, “Noobs” are out to get you, and you have to escape from them. It’s a pretty small project, and I hope to release it prefferably by summer time. I’ve been programming and building since last year.

Things You will need to design:

A shop UI, A Play Button UI, and some other UIs that will be dicussed in Pm’s.

You will be payed in percentages, and an up front cost that will be discussed privately, which is definitely negotiatable. the job is pretty small, so you will be getting around 15-20% of whatever the game earns. It’s a great opportunity for small devs like myself.

Contact Me!
You can contact me on discord @Kimathi4theWin#2150
or you can simply contact me via devforums to apply.

Thanks for reading!


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