[Closed] Looking for UI designer for candy themed game

About Us

Hello! I’m Lee, the lead developer and creator of Candy Collectors.
Candy Collectors is a candy themed game with monsters, secret areas, a colorful, cartoony atmosphere, and, of course, candy :wink:. Recently, I’ve been working on a spring update, along with my scripter Nova_MrRoyal, which should take Candy Collectors to a whole new level.

Our Progress

About the Job

Candy Collectors can’t reach its full potential without some eye catching UI. I’m looking for a reliable, talented UI designer who can create candy themed UI for the game. This UI designer should be able to communicate well and regularly with me so that I can know how well the progress is going.

I am in need of one mute button, one donate button, a daily quests bar, a shop, a level bar, and a mini game matching game.

Examples of what kind of UI I’m looking for:


I am willing to pay 6K :robux_gold: R$ through dev products, game passes, or t-shirts for all the UI.


You can contact me here on the Devforum or on Discord: LandofLee1620#0842
You must be 14 years or older to apply.

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