[CLOSED] Looking for volunteer translators

This post can be closed, I’ve scrapped the entire translation project.

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Looking for translators

About Us

Hi there! My name is Stefano (superstefano4), and I’m a XYLEM Bot Developer at Pinewood Builders. Within Pinewood, I have my own small team of developers (not associated with XYLEM itself).

The team:
@superstefano4 - PBD Manager
@PilleniusMC - PBD Manager

@pigpogy24 - Handbook Manager
@car1004 - Handbook Manager
@shooter7620 - Handbook Manager
@WindowsTen - Handbook Manager

The specific project needing translation is found here:
Divisons · GitLab

Connected to:
https://pinewood-builders.com/ (Unofficial)
https://pbst.pinewood-builders.com/ (Official)
https://tms.pinewood-builders.com/ (Unofficial)
https://pet.pinewood-builders.com/ (Semi-official)
https://xylem.pinewood-builders.com/ (Official Meme Website)

About The Job

I’m currently looking for people who are intrested to help translate the handbook, since there are changed every now and then, this differers from reading translations to actually approving them.
(I’m using “Crowdin” for translation)

Example of the handbook's translations (English to Finnish to Spanish)

Handbook Example

Example of the handbook's translation interface (German Translation)

Contact Us

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord through Stefano#7366 or though this invite link:
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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Do you need translators for specific languages only or just for any language?

I don’t really understand, that’s why I am asking this “dumb” question.

Ohh, it isn’t dumb. I need translators for any language they can speak. Doesn’t matter what language it is :stuck_out_tongue:

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hey i can speak russian, dutch, english, and french (a little)

Do we get paid? I am a Korean translator.

Read the title “volunteer translators”

Tell that to the 33 users working on 1 of the handbooks: image

I was just wondering. Sorry for misunderstanding. I am interested i messaged you

I am waiting for response since yesterday. Is owner ever going to respond me or just leave me alone?

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Hello , I’m interested ! I can translate to Russian and Ukrainian . DeHarchy#4969

I responded to you on discord. Sorry for the delay, but I have a life. :stuck_out_tongue:

i would advice you to use the Automatic Localization feature if you are just going to ‘‘hire’’ manual translators for free

Translators deserve payments for their hardwork, localizing is a hard and really undervalued task.


I’m aware of this, however. We’ve already tried this, but this created MASSIVE problems with the page being translated. We CANNOT have any errors in the translation. We can make it so it translates from the auto translator and people proofreading it. But this made the workload 50x more for languages like german

translating from zero is what requires most hardwork, but that’s not my point here

Offering work for translators and giving nothing in exchange is really insulting for us, we take effort into localization and making everything make sense, testing, and offer quality service

automatic translations are good if you are having financial issues, if not, please pay experienced translators and dont underpay nor undervalue. we would be eternally appreciated if you do so :slight_smile:

And like I said, it’s volunteer, meaning you have the choice to translate or not. I know you take the effort, but there are people who wanted to help. Knowing that they’d get nothing in return. They’d still help me.

I can understand what you’re saying, but the ENTIRE project is hosted, managed and deployed for free. I didn’t even have the money for the domain in the first place.

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