[CLOSED] Looking to either buy an SCPF map or Hire developers to work on one


General Info

I am ToastMage, currently the owner of an SCPF as well as a programmer for S_w1ft’s SCPF.

I’m looking to either hire builders & modellers (and possible a scripter) to work on a semi-built map that has been in development for a while, however requires finishing.

Current Team

I currently have around 3 builders and 1 scripter, however they are slow with producing results, even after I paid a few of them.

Description - HIRING FOR MAP

The game itself I do not want to reveal too much about just yet, however I’d say roughly 1/2 of it is completed. It’s mostly just tedious tasks like copying hallways, spicing up cells, optimising, etc.

This game is not that big, however it has taken nearly 2 years (on and off) to get it to it’s current position, with multiple different developers. The main reason for this is redesigning it, group owner issues, loss of interest, etc.

I am able to discuss further details in DMs on discord if needed (as well as provide some screenshots)

I am not too fussy about when the project is completed, i just want it done at some point.

Description - BUYING MAP

If you have a map you could sell me, then please dm me.

Generally, i’m looking for a fully or semi functional R6 or R15 map, with at least the building done or near enough done.

Scripting is preferred, however not required.


I can pay in robux a decided amount base on work done or decided price. Pay is competitive and negotiable.

Contact Us

If you are interested in helping get this project back on its feet, please dm me on discord: Porridge#1967

Alternatively, you can find our main discord on our group page which is linked here

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