[CLOSED] LordOfLuxury: Experienced Programmer & Animator

About Me


My username is LordOfLuxury, but you can call me Curtis. I’m a university student from Ontario, Canada. I started programming on Roblox in roughly 2016, and I have carried a deep love for programming and game development ever since.

I currently have one title which was released about a year ago and has since been discontinued indefinitely. You can play it here with a minimum of two others:

While my main specialty is scripting, I am also capable of animation work and basic UI design if necessary.


Here is some of my work.

Game created in about 4 days as a challenge (sorry for my Discord ping sounds, they’re not yours lol)

(My apologies for the poor resolution on this one) V


tree chopping

A custom-made grid-based A pathfinding system*

Air takedowns

Over cover takedown

Short animations made in studio

Animation 3 - YouTube


I will accept either USD or Robux without much preference.


You can contact me at any time. My timezone is Eastern Standard Time.


Please contact me via Discord @ CLOSED.

Thank you for considering me, and I look forward to hopefully being able to work with you soon!


Wow! Your works are incredible! I might contact you soon. Keep it up! :grinning:

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Commissions are now re-opened.

You only do short commissions? I need a programmer for a game. Also, would you take percent?

Right now I am not available nor interested to join a team for a full game. I’m also not interested in royalty that may or may not already be present. Thank you for the offer, though.

Amazing work I must say too bad you don’t specialize in guns and have no interest in long term jobs.

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I have collaborated with LordOfLuxury in the past, and I have found that his work tends to be thorough and advanced. As long as you communicate well with him, you should get what you are looking for.


Thank you for the kind words! Nothing means more to me than making the client happy.

I sent you friend request on discord. Er1k#7026

My services are now available for long term projects!

I am more than interested for your work as a scripter! However, your Discord tag does not work.
EDIT: It works now.

Awe shucks, I wish I could’ve found you earlier!

Hope you’ll be open for some more development group work in the future, but keep up the great work man! :+1:

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can you script a whole clicking game from start to finish

Bro. He is not a type of guy who would just work for some clickbait-y game for no reason. And he is very talented so he probably wouldn’t waste his talent on those types of game.