[CLOSED] Low-Poly & Intermediate Builder | parrotIy

parrotly has been an amazing developer, they got our juice bar, training center, and interview center finished in about 5 days.

Their work-ethic, devotion, and brilliance is unmatched. They were communicating with us a lot, and they’re staying in our server just to make sure to games have no bugs, etc. We’re incredibly thankful of parrotly.

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I am very interested in your builds and would love to talk more…
Friend me here…


Neutral feedback :cowboy_hat_face:

im interested. added you bigherc#8350

Hello! I’m interested, please add me on Discord @Pix#8526 Hope to talk with you soon!

interested as well, revvy#8804

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Hi, I’m interested, I was wondering if I could fr you then when your comms open I could discuss info?

My name and tag is, OhTrex#3053

I’m interested [PORTFOLIO] SamirIsNotHere's Portfolio

You remind me of my friend, @smokyyDev

Hey, I’m super interested I sent you a request on discord: Jackson#0007 is my user.

Hey! I am interested; mind adding me? william;#5660

parrotly is one of the most professional people I have worked with! He finished my order within a week’s time and is quite a fair person to work with! His building is quite my style and is accurate and well-thought-out. I enjoyed his building service and look forward to working with him again in the future.

If you’re looking for an amazing builder, parrotly is your guy!

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Hi, I’d like to speak to you and maybe you’d come a dev for my group. vanny#7301

I would definitely recommend him! He works very fast and gets the job done with very little mistakes.

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Hiya, thanks for the notification. I’m currently busy at the moment however I can help you out soon. Thanks for getting back to me, as I haven’t seen a response from you in quite a while.

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Your work is spectacular. I understand that your commissions are closed, but I am highly interested in hiring you. When you’re available, please contact me at jenny!#2462. Thank you for your time!