[Closed] Low Poly Smooth Plastic Simulator Map

About me

Hello i am LukasImWeb and i’m searching for someone who can create me a simulator map.
I have published two games that have been played by several big youtubers. Both games were not so good in quality, because I mainly used free models, and i learn the roblox api (Thanks to @ZerroxxOne who create a good map for eat sim). My native language is german.

What i want

I want a simulator map in low poly style with the material Smooth Plastic, and strong bright colors. So that everything looks child-friendly and cheerful. I also want a lot of details and textures can be used. The theme is medieval / fantasy
The size is about the size of the Saber Simulator or Ninja Legends.
I want to have a map with assets(chests, leaderboards etc.) and buildings.

On the lowest level is the spawn with the shop, Sell-Point, Special Abilitys Shop, Bossfight, King of the Hill, Leaderboards, Daily Reward Chest, Flags, Jump Pads, Portals

There should be several islands, but only one template island must be created as the first island. On the way to the island there are clouds and smaller islands on which you can jump up. In between there are occasional rings to collect gems. On the island there should be a shop, sell-point, portal and egg shop.

There will also be a small separate dueling area where players can engage in PvP.

It is very important to me that the map looks nice!

What I like and Expect



Negotiable, tell me your price.


  • Please also be able to meet the requirements!
  • You must have already built something in the Low Poly Smooth Plastic style in the past, I would like to see some references from you
  • You must be at least 13 years old!


Ps: I may be very interested in placing further orders later if I am satisfied.


I think I found someone who builds me a map.

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