[CLOSED] Low- Poly Tycoon Builder Needed!

About Me

Hello! I’m an aspiring scripter with a desire to make a tycoon that stands out from the rest in multiple ways and in terms of quality.

The Team
SirLeoTheLionHearted - Scripter
You - Builder

About The Job

I am currently seeking a builder who does well with low- poly modeling and map building. Tycoon building experience is preferred but not necessary, and you must know how to create plastic terrain.


Payment is negotiable and the bare minimum paid for the quality of work I’m looking for is $100 but I am willing to go much, much higher than that so don’t be afraid to show me some of your best work if you typically work for more than that; none of the maps in the game need to be very large and there will be very few of them. I heavily prefer USD but will do Robux if needed.


You may contact me on Discord at Orthodox#9797.

Thank you for your time! :yum:


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