(Closed) Luxeyes - Map Builder, Modeller and Graphic Designer

About me

Greetings, my name is Luxeyes and I specialize in Map Building, Modelling and Graphic Design. I am experienced in Blender, Roblox Studio, 3DS, Photoshop and Unreal Engine.

[DISCLAIMER : This portfolio is a heavy work in progress and will be updated throughout time.]

Building and Modelling




Graphical 3D and 2D Work



I am available 5 - 8 hours on the weekends and 2 - 5 hours on weekdays.
This heavily depends on circumstances and events.
If I’m not available at a certain day/period of time I will inform the commissioner prior.


Prices are fully negotiable but I do not take below

100k for maps

5k per asset

30k for a full UI set

10k for a Logo

25k for a Rendered Thumbnail.

15k for a Rendered Icon

Prices heavily depend on complexity and time limit, meaning that a price can change drastically.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/LuxEyes1
Discord: LuxEyes#0001

Thanks for your time! :smile:


He once commissioned me for UI and the process went through easily. LuxEyes is a great worker as well, as I’ve seen his recently work and found them all to be exceptional. He is a talented as he is hardworking. You won’t regret working with LuxEyes!

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Nice portfolio although your charging wayyy tooo much for GFX. 20k is a 5th of 100k and 100k is 375 USD so your charging $75 for GFX and if the minimum wage is $15 per hour then your working for 5 hours?

1, where is $15 minimum wage, and 2, why should he be working minimum wage? Also 100k is 350 so you’ve got some whack numbers.


Your work is absolutely incredible! I am amazed :slight_smile:

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I made a simple mistake by putting 375 instead of 350 and also I used $15 as an example

Not in my life has someone said I don’t have freedom of speech and now your stating it. I am stating my opinion and your writing a paragraph to explain that It’s up to him and I understand although I’m sharing my opinion.

I do see your point though.

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