[Closed] Madd's Games needs some Testers

About Us

Hi there! We are Madd’s Games, a small upcoming game development group. We are looking for a minimum of 5 testers to join the studio.

The Testers as of now
@darkpixlz - Tester
@Icy7812 - Tester
@Mimi_5924 - Tester
@Garchly - Tester
@username - Tester

About The Job

We are looking for a minimum 5 tester for a non-payment job.

How this works is that I will create a group message here on DevForum. For there I will accshonally ask 3 question aka things I want you to test.

Then you simple reply with your opinions/what needs to be fixed.

I am not giving out much of the game info here on Forum, but once your on the team I will fill you in on how it works.

I would say the game is 1/4 done as of now.

The game is still in Development

How to apply

Simple message me here on Devforum at @Madden21fan then from there I would like to see your portfolio if you have one. I will also check out your Roblox Profile just to make sure your not scamming me or trying to Hack me.

Skills/Things you need

Just be active everyday on DevForum, that’s it.

The Group

If you want to be a tester then I recommend joining the group. If you don’t get it you can leave anytime.

Also if you really want to help me out it would be nice if you joined, it is Free!


Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Wait do these not close anymore?

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1 Tester has Joined


Thank You for joining!

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Now 2 Testers have Joined


Thank you for Joining!

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